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Ajax for Everyone:Spry



Spry由Adobe Lab出品。包括三个部件,功能强大。Spry in a Nutshell

  • Spry is implemented as a set of JavaScript libraries. To use Spry on a page, simply include the JavaScript library that contains the Spry features you need, use those features on your page, and then deploy that JavaScript file to your site along with your page.
  • Spry has three parts: Spry Data, Spry Widgets and Spry Effects. They can be used together or independently of one another.
  • No browser plug-ins or server-side modules are required for Spry to work.
  • Dreamweaver CS3 has features that ease the development of Spry pages but Spry itself is completely tool-agnostic. Any code editor can be used to develop Spry pages.